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Ukrainian International Tasting Contest

September 14, 2022 - tasting contest
September 26, 2022 - Awarding ceremony

Professional recognition

23 nominations



Favorite Food & Drinks is the only one in Ukraine international tasting contest. The main aim of the competition is to identify high-quality food and non-alcoholic drinks by organoleptic characteristics by the «blind» method. Independent experts of the tasting commission will evaluate the organoleptic characteristics of products and beverages in 23 nominations. 

The members of the tasting commission are formed of specialists from food and processing enterprises, retailers, industry institutes and unions, and governing bodies.

Alcohol and
alcoholic drinks
Water, beverages, juices
Tea, coffee, cocoa and other hot drinks
Frozen foods, semi-finished product, convenience and ready-to-eat food
Baby food
Healthy food: dietary, gluten-free, lactose-free products,
Vegan, vegetarian foods and beverages that do not contain animal products
Bread and bakery products, pasta, cereals, instant cereals, flour
Organic products
Dairy, lactic acid and milk products
Oil and fat products
Cheese, cheese products
Canned fruits, vegetables, mushrooms
Oils, sauces, ketchups, mayonnaise, salad dressings, vinegars
Ingredients, condiments, spices, salt and their mixtures, food concentrates
Snacks, dried fruits and nuts, breakfast cereals, chips, seeds
Canned fruits, vegetables, mushrooms
Poultry products, eggs
Meat, meat delicacies, sausages
Fish, fish delicacies, seafood, rolls
Kosher and halal food
Food for sportsmen, beauty food
Innovation food

Winners will receive awards at the Awards Ceremony (Kyiv, 14 March 2022)

The tasting competition is supported by the Consortium of the quality of retail chains


Are you food or drinks producer?
Let’s say about their benefits and increase the loyalty of the business audience and consumers! 

The participants of the competition may be legal entities, including individual entrepreneurs and farmers who produce and / or sell food products, including private label produced both in Ukraine and abroad. 

The tasting competition is held according to the evaluation principle for compliance with organoleptic indicators, and not according to competitive criteria. After all, the existing variety of products cannot be compared even in certain product categories. Every quality product has a chance for a high reward.

Why take part in a tasting competition

Obtain an independent assessment of organoleptic characteristics of food products and raw materials for its production
Demonstrate to customers, partners the benefits of the product
Increase the value and increase the added value of products
Select the product on the shelves of retail chains
Strengthen the company's competitive position in the market

How to use the received awards?

Place the image of the award on the product labels

Disseminate the results of the competition through social networks, media

Place the received awards on stands during exhibitions, at fairs, in presentations during conferences

What you need to participate in the tasting competition

Decide on the names of products and / or beverages that you plan to submit to the tasting competition
Apply and pay for participation
Send product samples for the competition (into Kyiv)

Get results and reward

Do you offer equipment, raw materials, ingredients, services to food and beverage producers?

Let’s demonstrate their benefits to your target audience

Our goal is strategically effective cooperation.

Partner’s status Favorite Food & Drinks

Integration of the partner into the advertising campaign of the contest (website, social networks, emailing, etc.)

Individual approach in choosing options to promote the Partner

Support of the Ukrainian international tasting competition Favorite Food & Drinks of Ukraine is an ideal opportunity:

- declare and confirm to the business community the status of a company that values and maintains high quality food
- demonstrate their products and services to the target audience

We look forward to the results of the Ukrainian international tasting competition Favorite Food&Drinks 2021

8 February 2021, Kyiv - Ceremony of awarding the winners of the tasting competition Favorite Food&Drinks 2021